Skyline AI's New Partnership with Greystone Signals an Exciting New Chapter

Posted by Gil Siedner Jul 31, 2018

Our partnership with Greystone, a top commercial real estate lending, investment, and advisory company, will focus on teaming our innovative AI with the industry leadership and experience of a prominent RE management firm.


We’ve formed a technological collaboration with Greystone, a commercial real estate lending, investment, and advisory company. The joint effort combines our artificial intelligence expertise, Greystone's real estate finance sector industry leadership, and the advanced AI and machine learning capabilities of Greystone Labs - Greystone's technology innovation department - to boost deal performance and the loan underwriting process.

Leveraging our strengths in artificial intelligence and data science technology, Skyline AI will obtain key industry insights from Greystone Labs, increasing the breadth and depth of data available to exponentially boost the performance of our asset performance predictions. Greystone Labs will also receive access to our technology, which will strengthen their specialized team of underwriters and empower them to underwrite loans 10x faster and with greater accuracy. This mutual exchange of insights will bolster both companies with the technological prowess to outperform the market in our respective endeavors.

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The value of our partnership was evident to us both from the beginning. The unprecedented speed and accuracy of our AI technology will combine with the data platforms and global reach of Greystone to enable improved deal flow with precision analysis that will inform investors and financiers alike, unleashing new value for each party in the equation.

Skyline AI uses the most comprehensive data set in the industry, mining data from over 100 different sources and analyzing over 10,000 different attributes on each asset for the last 50 years. Powered by natural language processing and high-performance data infrastructure, all data is compiled into one large 'data lake', then cross-validated to make sure the data used is accurate. This enables us to provide, within seconds, a deep assessment and the most accurate actionable predictions about any real estate asset in the United States.

We believe this partnership will result in faster, more accurate asset predictions and loan underwriting, and also reveal newly surfaced market indicator insights.

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