Enhance Your Multifamily Asset Analysis Using Alternative Data Sources

Posted by Guy Zipori Aug 29, 2019

Anyone familiar with Skyline AI’s investment platform knows our philosophy of augmenting the traditional analog data used as underwriting sources for decades by the real estate industry. We utilize advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to gain radically accurate investment insights. The key ingredient is a wide assortment of available data, much of which has only become a source for asset insight with the rise of penetrative data analytics methods. 

Deep Insight Data Sources

Technology today enables us to learn a whole lot of information about assets, their true value, and their potential growth using resources like clickstream data, satellite images, cellular data, and social media. These assets have indeed been a boon for an industry notoriously slow to adopt new tech-based analytical methods.

Utilizing new data


Untapped Exotic Sources

But less well known is the wealth of seemingly mundane or peripheral data sources on which  investments worth millions can hinge - if properly utilized. When, for example, was the last time anyone looked at local internet connection stats as a way of predicting the overall performance of an entire metropolitan statistical area (MSA)? Before AI unleashed the ability to create order and meaning from seemingly unimportant data such as the names of multifamily assets, would anyone have known of the distinct value variance between properties with ‘Villa’ in their name, and those with ‘Raintree’?


buildings names 2-1


It turns out that there’s more than just a semantic difference - critical meaning and actionable asset predictability can be derived from deep AI-powered analyses on these and many other seemingly hum-drum statistical sources.          

Unearthing Hidden Gems

We’ve compiled a short list of some alternative data sources we’re using to yield valuable insights into asset value, behavior, and future trends - and these are just the beginning. In a world where every data point can speak to a much broader picture - even providing accurate wide-scale asset predictions - savvy investors are increasingly turning to the insights available through alternative data sets to sharpen their existing analytics methods. For a glimpse behind the curtain of standard data analytics, download our 11 New Data Sources Missing from Your Multifamily Analysis.