First Ever AI-Powered Deal: Our Platform Recommendation Leads to $26M Purchase

Posted by Iri Amirav Jul 18, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce the historical off-market acquisition of two Philadelphia-area properties using value insights delivered by our machine learning platform.

Skyline AI has made real estate history! Our machine learning platform for real estate investment insight has conducted an AI-generated commercial real estate transaction for the first time ever with the purchase of two multifamily residential buildings. We used our own technology to successfully analyze the market without human involvement and discovered an asset prime for reduced off-market offers - and purchased it.



The deal concerned the acquisition of two multifamily residential complexes in Philadelphia for a total of $26 million - 12% lower than estimated market value. The assets we acquired were suggested by our algorithm after it identified that they were being mismanaged, and assumed with relatively high probability that the owner may be willing to sell.



Our platform continuously analyzes more than 130 data sources, predicting risk, yield, and future value of each asset in the US. This enables real-time opportunities on a broad range of investment options with optimal risk-return ratios.

To read more about the Philadelphia deal and the Skyline AI technology that went into it, please click here.